AXIA is a team of specialist designers and engineers who help build businesses from great ideas.

We bring problem-solving nous to bear on projects large and small, working with clients from factory floor processors and manufacturers, through to garden shed inventors and entrepreneurs.

If you believe it’s possible, we will find ways to make it happen. We start by sharing your vision and commitment to the idea - engaging the requisite resources and expertise to take the project from theory to reality.

At Axia, we work from a position of partnership where design, development and improvement is an ongoing conversation, frequently spanning multiple projects to develop a high-value, mutually-beneficial relationship.

By coordinating disciplines from the fields of design, mechanics, marketing and manufacturing, Axia provides the bridge between a great idea and the successful business built upon it.

Our understanding of both mainstream and progressive additive manufacturing processes, allows us to revisit traditional thinking for prototyping and production, delivering time and cost efficiencies for our clients.

At some point, everyone has had a great idea. At Axia, we help shape that idea into an impressive reality.

AXIA - giving shape to great ideas

Nick Gledhill

Phone +64 (0)21 844 395   Email

Coming from an engineering based background and a degree in Technology makes Nick an invaluable member of the AXIA team. Having spent time working for high end Australian product design companies specialising in composite and plastic components broadens AXIA's knowledge base even further.

Nick's interest in the additive manufacturing revolution has helped steer AXIA in this direction. "I believe Rapid Prototyping will continue to help expand the horizons of designers, with fewer limitations on what can be made."

Andrew Kersley

Phone +64 (0)21 844 295   Email

With a masters degree in Technology majoring in product development plus industrial experience from NZ, UK and USA working with high end brands like Apple. Andrew brings a very broad combination of Design and Project Managment skills to the AXIA team.

 Andrew frequently works on site - "I know good relationships help achieve successful outcomes and understanding your client is the first step in understanding thier needs".