Research when it comes to bottles is about understanding the product that goes in it. The bottle needs to reflect the brand and experience the client is trying to portray as accurately as possible. 

A good example of this is our work on the Art Deco Trust of Napiers iconic water bottle. The bottle needed to reflect an era in the towns life, as well as be recognised as a style of architecture.

At AXIA we attempt to interpret clients needs in new and dynamic ways. We've found its not unusual for clients to have a preconception of what they want only to change it once confronted with a well thought out alternative. 

At AXIA we use a variety of software packages that allows us to create any form that we dream up.

Its also impertaive to explore volume and size limitations and thier effects on the final form.

At the end of the day the bottle also needs to be manufactured, and our ongoing close relationship with the manufacturers allows us to make sure that what we create won't cause any problems when production is given the go ahead.

At AXIA we can not only use our in house 3D printer to provide bottle prototypes but we have also co developed a process for prototyping PET bottles that doesn't cost the client much more then the 3D printed alternative. 

At AXIA we have the software and skill to create photo realistic visualisations of your final product. For marketing purposes or just to help make an internal decision.